About Us

Our Story

The technology creators from Nouva Control System NSC Corporation – based in Prato, Italy have had time to get on well with Vietnam and Vietnamese people. Therefore, they cherished a dream to improve the quality of life of the Vietnamese people, by creating products to replace harmful substances that cause dangerous diseases. For that reason, they chose Vietnam as the first country in Asia to develop natural, safe and environmentally friendly products.

On January 1st, 2019, Sanodyna Vietnam was officially established in Vietnam with the registered business name of Sanodyna Vietnam Company Limited.

Our Vision

2025: Become a pioneer enterprise in the production and supply of Disinfection Solution – Sanodyna to solve urgent problems in Vietnam such as water pollution, food, husbandry, health care, service … Our company is committed to providing the best products and services depending on the specific requirements of each customer in Vietnam.

Our Mission

We strive constantly to create innovative solutions in the world. We are committed to developing all fields in a sustainable manner because of our products are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, ensuring “clean from production to consumption”, providing a GREEN future and beautiful living environment, minimizing chemicals and above all for the common prosperity of the community.

Sanodyna Headquarters in the world


Company History

NCS COMPANY Nuova Control Systems Srl has established in 1998 thanks to the contribution of highly qualified technical partners of proven and long-standing experience. The aim was to realize new ideas and projects to meet the many and diverse requests from the textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and food industries, increasing the package of services offered.

NCS aims at following its customers from the preliminary stage of the construction of technological production systems, in the definition of strategies to be followed to optimize energy consumption and achieve the best possible quality/price ratio. To this purpose, the necessary departments have been created to manage the system design directly, to produce custom software and hardware, and carry out mechanical, pneumatic, electronic, and production works providing fast and specialized assistance services.

Moreover, thanks to its design and prototyping department, NCS can quickly interface with third parties’ electronic and IT systems or customized software, meeting the customer’s project-specific needs and supplying turn-key plants and services.



Nuova Control Systems Srl was established in 1998 thanks to the contribution of highly qualified technical partners of proven and long-standing experience.



The Sanodyna® project for water disinfection was started in 2005, based on and subsequently developing the technology of the ECA process (Electro Chemical Activation) from which active solutions are obtained (Sanodyna Solution). Sanodyna® On Site consists of a range of plants with different capacities that produce Sanodyna®, a powerful neutral pH sanitiser, on the spot.



In early 2019, Sanodyna Vietnam Co., Ltd. was officially established thanks to the Corporation's strategy of expanding the investment in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets, in order to bring a new breakthrough to the community in all sectors of the life.